Civic Education
Lesson Plans and Materials

Many resources are available through the Washington State Legislature and the National Conference of State Legislatures' Trust for Representative Democracy to assist teachers and legislators with their civics lessons, including fun and educational program materials, several interactive civics-based lesson plans, and tips for effectively talking to students about goverment and representative democracy. 

All Ages:
Making Public Policy
The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
Day in the Life of a Legislator  

Middle School:
Bill Drafting  *
Bill Tracking  *
Budget Balancing Simulation  by the WA State Senate Ways & Means
Budget Cuts *
Citizenship *
How a Bill Becomes A Law *

High School:
Appreciating Democracy by Dr. Alan Rosenthal
Appreciating Representation  by Dr. Alan Rosenthal
Budget Balancing Simulation  by the WA State Senate Ways & Means Committee
Checks & Balances  *
Citizenship  *
Designing the Perfect World *
How a Bill Becomes A Law *
What Makes Lawmakers Tick? by Dr. Alan Rosenthal

*plans created by former Legislative Scholars

See how these fulfill Washington's EALRs

Additional Lesson Plans from the National Conference of State Legislatures 

Materials for Back to School Program 

Lesson Plans and Resources from the Center for Civic Education

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