House of Representatives
Members' Portraits for Publication

As a courtesy to the public, the Washington State House of Representatives provides publishable quality JPG format portrait files. Click on a photo or the name below it to see the high-resolution photo. Right click the high-resolution photo to download it.

Each high-resolution JPG is 300ppi with an average file size of 658K. Download time will vary depending on your connect speed and system capabilities.
 Appleton Barkis Bergquist Blake Buys
Appleton Barkis Bergquist Blake Buys
Caldier Chandler Chopp  Clibborn Cody
Caldier Chandler Chopp Clibborn Cody
Condotta DeBolt Dent Dunshee  Dye
Condotta DeBolt Dent Dunshee Dye
Farrell Fey Fitzgibbon Frame Goodman
Farrell Fey Fitzgibbon Frame Goodman
 Gregerson Griffey Haler Hansen Hargrove
Gregerson Griffey Haler Hansen Hargrove
Harmsworth Harris Hawkins Hayes  Hickel
Harmsworth Harris Hawkins Hayes Hickel
Holy Hudgins  Hunt, Hurst Jinkins
Holy Hudgins Hunt, S Hurst Jinkins
Johnson  Kagi Kilduff Kirby Klippert
Johnson Kagi Kilduff Kirby Klippert
 Kochmar Kretz  Kristiansen Kuderer Lytton
Kochmar Kretz Kristiansen Kuderer Lytton
 MacEwen Magendanz Manweller McBride McCabe
MacEwen Magendanz Manweller McBride McCabe
McCaslin Moeller Morris Moscoso Muri
McCaslin Moeller Morris Moscoso Muri
Nealey  Orcutt Ormsby  Ortiz-Self Orwall
Nealey Orcutt Ormsby Ortiz-Self Orwall
Parker  Peterson Pettigrew Pike Pollet
Parker Peterson Pettigrew Pike Pollet
 Reykdal Riccelli  Robinson Rodne Rossetti
Reykdal Riccelli Robinson Rodne Rossetti
Ryu Santos Sawyer  Schmick Scott
Ryu Santos Sawyer Schmick Scott
Sells Senn Shea Short Smith
Sells Senn Shea Short Smith
Springer Stambaugh  Stanford Stokesbary Sullivan
Springer Stambaugh Stanford Stokesbary Sullivan
Tarleton Taylor Tharinger  VanDeWege VanWerven
Tarleton Taylor Tharinger Van De Wege VanWerven
 Vick Walkinshaw Walsh  Wilcox Wilson
Vick Walkinshaw Walsh Wilcox Wilson
 Wylie Young Zeiger
Wylie Young Zeiger