Legislative Internship Program

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Sample Intern Projects 

Research economic data from multiple sources, and create graphs, fact sheets, and presentations to show Washingtonian employment statistics by industry, education, and county

Research how Colorado is implementing marijuana laws

Interview stakeholders and perform extensive research for a possible striking amendment to a bill, and formulate an action plan that would make the bill acceptable to most stakeholders

Organize and track capital budget requests

Perform preliminary research for a documentary about the impacts of the Seattle waterfront on the local economy and meet with the documentary crew

Staff town hall or telephone town hall meetings

Research and develop a metric system for tax exemptions to use in drafting possible legislation

Research minority populations in the Seattle School District from 1960-2010 as compared to the population demographics of King County

Redesign and update informational brochures for the Chief Clerk of the House on the missions of various work groups in the House of Representatives (interview the heads of each work group and write and format the brochures)

Help a disabled constituent navigate the DSHS system to find resources and avoid homelessness

Research other states' systems for allowing long-distance testimony at public hearings and formulate several proposed options to allow Washingtonians in remote areas to participate in the legislative process

Organize schedule and logistics for the Pierce County Daffodil Festival Royal Court's visit to the Capitol

Write floor speeches, op ed pieces, talking points, and newsletters for legislators

Write resolutions honoring local leaders and community events


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Getting to know the inner workings of the legislative process has been an invaluable resource in my post-internship career. It's allowed me to clearly communicate complex issues to diverse constituencies. I also met some of the most amazing people who have been tremendous mentors and colleagues over the years.

-Drue Nyenhuis, 2011 Intern

Throughout the internship you learn skill sets you couldn't learn anywhere else. Between networking, administrative, and costumer service, I've learned how to multi-task various office requirements while being efficient and effective in my work.

-Jerika Ferguson, 2013 Intern