Joint Transportation Committee

Current Studies  

Design-Build Review Panel (2015-2016)
2ESSB 5997, Sec 3 directs the Joint Transportation Committee to conduct a design-build contracting review study to examine WSDOT's implementation and use of design-build, to maximize cost and schedule efficiencies and ensure that risk is borne by the appropriate party.  $450,000 for the study is appropriated in the new-law transportation budget, 2ESSB 5988, Sec. 201.  The study will be conducted with a panel of experts including a consultant and at least two nationally recognized design-build experts, and representatives from the Association of General Contractors, the American Council of Engineering Contractors, the Professional and Technical Employees Local 17, and WSDOT.  The report is due by December 1, 2016.
Budget: $450,000
JTC Staff: Mary Fleckenstein and Beth Redfield
HTC and STC Staff: Alyssa Ball and David Munnecke, Kim Johnson
Report due date: December 1, 2016  
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Minority and Women-Owned Businesses
2ESSB 5988, Sec 201(2) directs the Joint Transportation Committee to study issues surrounding  minority and women-owned business contracting related to the transportation sector, identifying best practices adopted in other states that encourage participation by minority and women-owned businesses. 
Budget: Not specified
JTC Staff: Alyson Cummings
HTC and STC Staff:  Alyssa Ball and Brian Connell
Report due date:  Not specified

Study of Road-Rail Conflicts in Cities (2016)
2ESHB 1299, Sec 204(3) appropriates $250,000 for a 2016 study of road-rail conflicts in cities, with a goal of recommending a corridor-based process to prioritize projects addressing the impacts of increased rail traffic.  This study will use the results of a $250,000 study to be conducted in 2015 by the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board of freight infrastructure needs, including an update of long-term marine cargo forecast.  A final report is due on December 1, 2016.
Budget: $250,000 from the cities' statewide fuel tax distribution
JTC Staff: Beth Redfield, with Mary Fleckenstein as back-up
HTC and STC Staff: Paul Ingiosi and Hayley Gamble
Report due date: December 1, 2016   
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Rail Safety Consolidation at UTC (2017-2019)
2ESHB 1299, Sec 204(4) provides intent language for the JTC to undertake a study in the 2017-2019 biennium of consolidating rail employee safety and regulatory functions in the UTC.  The study would review information that the UTC will provide in 2016, based on work by a state agency workgroup to identify the issues, laws and regulations relevant to such consolidation (2ESHB 1299, Sec 102).