Select Committee on Pension Policy

​2019 SCPP Interim Recommendations And Work Summary

This page provides a concise summary of the work of the SCPP during the 2019 Interim.   

During session, bill drafts, draft fiscal notes, and executive summaries of the final issue status will be posted as they become available. Draft fiscal notes may not be available for every proposal. Draft documents will be replaced with links to final documents as they become available.

2019 Interim Work History

2020 Fiscal Impact Summary
  Issues Considered With Recommendation

HB 1390/SB 5400

Plans 1 COLA

Provides a 3% one-time increase to Plans 1 (PERS 1 and TRS 1) benefits for retirees.

HB 1414/SB 5335

Month of Death

Requires the Department of Retirement Systems to pay benefits to members for the entire month in which a member dies, rather than pro-rating the benefit payments to the date of death.

HB 2051/SB 5920
with the inclusion
of Amendment 2051 AMS WM S3080.1

LEOFF 1 Prior Act Disability Boards

Increases the number of people eligible to serve on LEOFF 1 disability boards and “Prior Act” pension boards.

HB 2127

Dolan-Type Unfunded Liabilities

Requires that costs above $100,000 arising from late contributions (and similar circumstances), are exclusively paid by the individual employer responsible for the costs.

HB 2339/SB 6218

WSPRS Use of Leave Final Average Salary

Allows troopers in the Washington State Patrol Plan 1 who were commissioned between July 1, 2001, and December 31, 2002, to include vacation and holiday pay when calculating their retirement benefits.

HB 2340/SB 6219


Replaces the now-defunct Consumer Price Index used in calculating retirement benefits for the Washington State Patrol.

HB 2341/SB 6383

Investment Options Target Date Funds Plans 3 DCP

Allow the asset mix of the retirement strategy funds (also known as target date funds) invested by the Washington State Investment Board to include investment in the Total Allocation Portfolio.

  Issues Considered Without Recommendation

PERS Retire-Rehire

Roth Option for Deferred Compensation Program

Lump Sum Benefit

Inactive Accounts

PERS/PSERS Death and Disability Comparison

PERS PSERS Dual Membership

Plans 1 UAAL Payment (SB 5999)



2019 Recommendation to the PFC on Long-Term Economic Assumptions

Adopt the State Actuary’s recommended long-term economic assumptions.



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