Legislative Ethics Board
2015 Meeting Agenda & Schedule


December 3, 2015

Senate Hearing Room 2
John A. Cherberg Bldg.
12 Noon

  1. Welcome - board member Debbie Regala.

  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting.

  3. Citizen members - election of officers for 2016.

  4. Informal advice: (a) Legislative meeting notices are generally not subject to election year mailing restrictions; (b) Legislators may accept reasonable expenses, including meals, while on a legislative-related tour of the Cherry Point Industrial Area; (c) A complimentary meal provided to legislators by the King County Council, during a public Council meeting called for the purpose of discussing issues related to the 2016 legislative session, may be accepted. Both (b) and (c) relied upon the gift exemption for meals related to an appearance in an official capacity (RCW 42.52.010(9)(d).

  5. Complimentary meals - discussion:   Complimentary meals PDF
    1. May some complimentary meals be accepted as an exemption to the gift laws based upon whether the list of invitees is broad-based?
    2. Are complimentary meals provided to legislators by local government officials exempt from gift laws, including the 12 meal business meal exception?
    3. Is the presumption that complimentary meals are exempt from gift restrictions, if provided to legislators by certain organizations, applicable to organizations such as the Restaurant Association and the Bankers Association?
    4. Is a potluck, shared by lobbyists and legislators, exempt from the gift laws?

  6. Call for public comment.

  7. 2016 meeting schedule: February 16; April 19; June 21; August 16; October 18; December TBA.

  8. Recess public meeting - convene in executive session - consideration of a pending complaint prior to a determination of reasonable cause. Reconvene public meeting.
    Other or unfinished business. Adjourn.

The regular meeting schedule for 2015 is:

  • April 21:  @ 12pm in Senate Hearing Room 3. 
  • June 16:  @ 12pm in Senate Hearing Room 3.
  • August 18;  @ 12pm in Senate Hearing Room 3.
  • October 20; Meeting has been CANCELLED
  • December 3: @ 12pm in Senate Hearing Room 2.

These meetings are scheduled to start at 12 PM, in Olympia, and the locations will be posted on this site.