Legislative Ethics Board
2015 Meeting Agenda & Schedule


June 16, 2015

Senate Hearing Room 3 – John A. Cherberg Building

12:00 PM

  1. Approval of April minutes

  2. Request for advisory opinion – RSS feed from legislator’s legislative page allowed on campaign website? Rep. Graham Hunt

  3. Review of Senate’s proposed social media policy

  4. Report from subcommittee on the definition of travel for reporting purposes

  5. Call for public comment

  6. Recess public meeting and convene in non-public executive session for discussion of pending complaints prior to determination of reasonable cause. Estimated time to be announced.

  7. Reconvene the public meeting – any new or unfinished business - adjourn

The regular meeting schedule for 2015 is:

  • April 21:  @ 12pm in Senate Hearing Room 3. 
  • June 16:  @ 12pm in Senate Hearing Room 3.
  • August 18;
  • October 20; 
  • December TBD.

These meetings are scheduled to start at 12 PM, in Olympia, and the locations will be posted on this site.