Legislative Ethics Board
2016 Meeting Agenda & Schedule


April 19, 2016

Senate Hearing Room 3
John A. Cherberg Bldg.
12:00 PM

  1. Approval of February minutes.

  2. Discussion - Modifications to Board Rule 5 - Meals

    a.  Proposed: Complimentary meals provided at meetings by entities who have invited a legislative delegation, at least, to discuss legislative-related business, do not count as one of the twelve meals permitted by RCW 42.52.150(5). This would include, for example, business associations and other organizations, school boards and local governments.

    b, Proposed: A discussion about excluding some sit-down dinners from the twelve meal limit and whether certain parameters be placed on these dinners such as where, their frequency, and the scope of the invitee list.

    The board may take action following this discussion.

  3. Call for public comment.

  4. Recess public meeting and convene in executive session to discuss quasi-judicial matters relative to pending complaints and prior to determinations of reasonable cause. Estimated time to be announced. Reconvene public meeting.

  5. Public comment - any other business - adjourn.