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Abbreviations and Acronyms

ADA pamphlet

Bill History Page-Tutorial

Bill Tracking Tutorial

Bills Passed the Legislature (2017)

Bill Status (Hard Copy by Subscription Only-Order Form) -- Online link

Citizen's Guide to the Budget

Citizen's Guide to Effective Participation

Citizen's Guide to Effective Participation (Espanol)

Citizen's Guide to K-12 Financing

Citizen's Guide to Property Taxes

Citizen's Guide to Washington State's Tax Structure

Cutoff Calendar

District Maps Booklet (25 MB)

Document Order Form

Elected Officials and Their Functions

E-mail Notification of Committee Agendas-Tutorial

Facts About the Legislative Building

Final Legislative Report

Glossary of Legislative Terms

Glossary of Legislative Terms (Espanol)

Guide to Lawmaking

Guide to Participating In Legislature (Booklet)

Guide to Reading a Bill

History of Bills Introduced, Passed, Vetoed-1975-2016

History of Legislative Session Dates

History of the Legislature 1854-1963

History of the Legislature 1965-1982

History of Women in the Legislature

How A Bill Becomes a Law - Long Version

How a Bill Becomes a Law - Short Version

How a Bill Becomes a Law - Short Version (Espanol)

How to Testify in Committee

How to Testify in Committee (Espanol)

Interesting Facts About The Members of The Legislature

Journals-House and Senate (32 MB-Call for Information)

Legislative Budget Notes-2016

Legislative Digest and History of Bills 2015-16 (Volume 1)

Legislative Digest and History of Bills 2015-16 (Volume 2)

Legislative Manual (Red Book)

Legislative Member & Staff Directory-2016

Lobbyist Pictorial Directory

Map-Detailed Capitol Campus and State Capitol Parking Information

Map-Cherberg Building (JAC)

Map-Legislative Building (LEG)

Map-O'Brien Building (JLOB)

Member Database-House and Senate 2016 (Available Online)

Members Name Pronunciation Guide

Members of the Legislature-1889- 2014

Members Pictorial Directory (Baby Book)

Members Pictorial Directory Booklet (Abbreviated/Printable)

Members Telephone Directory and Committee Assignments

Overview of Legislative Process

Overview of Legislative Process (Espanol)

Overview of the Washington State Legislature

Political Party Splits in the Legislature -1889-2016

Political Pioneers-Women Lawmakers

Poster - House Members

Poster - Senate Members

Redistricting Information for Voters

Reports to the Legislature

Roll Call Transcript-House-2016

Roll Call Transcript-Senate-2016


Rules Committee Processes-House and Senate

Statewide Legislative District Map with Members

State Capitol Building Brochure

Street Addresses-Legislative Buildings

Student Coloring Book

Student Guide - K-5

Student Guide - Middle school and Teens

Summary of Legislation (OPR)

Symbols of Washington State

Toll Free Numbers-State Agencies

Transportation Resource Manual

Tutorial - How to Search for Bills 

U S Congressional Members and State Elected Officials

U.S. Constitution 

Understanding Legislative Calendars

Washington State Constitution

Washington State Legislature

Washington State Organization Chart

Weekly Schedule (Hard Copy by Subscription Only-Order Form)  --  Online link