Legislative Information Center
Educational and Instructional Material
Campus Map and Parking PDF (223KB)
Capitol Building Brochure PDF (2.9MB)
Citizen's Guide to Effective Legislative Participation PDF (550KB)
Congressional and Elected Officials PDF (63KB)
District Legislative Maps Booklet PDF (26MB)
Elected Officials and their Functions PDF (2.1MB)
Glossary of Legislation Terms PDF (1.3MB)
Guide to Lawmaking PDF (2.0MB)
Guide to Reading a Legislative Measure (Bill) PDF (27KB)
How a Bill Becomes a Law PDF (1.3MB) 
How to Testify at the Legislature PDF (530KB)
Org Chart State of Washington PDF (29KB)
Overview of the Legislative Process PDF (792KB)
Statewide District Maps with Members PDF (832KB)
Student Coloring Book  PDF (1.3MB)
Student Guide to the Legislature--K-5 PDF (2.0MB)
Student Guide to the Legislature -- Middle/High School PDF (2.0MB)
Symbols of the State of Washington PDF (237KB)
The Washington State Legislature PDF (62KB)
Tutorial--Bill Tracking PDF (2.0MB)
Tutorial--E-Mail Notification of Hearings PDF (461KB)
Tutorial -- How to Read The Bill History Page PDF (132KB) 


Tutorial -- RSS For Bill Tracking and Status Change Notification PDF (1.4MB)
Tutorial -- How to Search for Bills on the Legislative Web Site PDF (1.0 MB)
Tutorial -- How to Research an RCWs History PDF (267 KB)