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​Historical Documents

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Documents listed below are available online within the links provided.
History of the Washington Legislature 1854 -1963 By Don Brazier 1854-1963 By Don Brazier
History of the Washington Legislature 1965 -1982 By Don Brazier 1965-1982 By Don Brazier
Member Pictorial Directories Available Back to 1949
Member Telephone Directories and Committee Assignments Available Back to 1929
Members of the Legislature (2018 version available online only) 1889-2014 (hard copy)
​U.S. Constitution ​Last Ratified 1992
Washington State Constitution Last Revised 2016

Documents listed below are available online for current versions only.  ​For historical versions, contact the Legislative Information Center. ​
Daily Floor Journals (House) / (Senate) Available Back to 1993
Final Legislative Report (Discontinued 2017) Available 1975 to 2016
​​Legislative Budget Notes Available Back to 1979
​​Legislative Digest and History of Bills (Vol. 1) / (Vol. 2) Available Back to 2006
​​Legislative Manuals Available Back to 1889
Roll Call Transcripts (House) / (Senate) Available Back to 1979

      Documents available in bound hardcopy --