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Daily Bill Status

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Final Legislative Report 2016 (Discontinued)PDF (8.2MB)
House and Senate Journals 2017 See Order Form
House and Senate Journals (CD- PDF Format)​See Order Form
Legislative Budget Notes 2017 PDF (20.5MB)
Legislative Digest & History of Bills 2017 PDF (30.2MB)           
Legislative Manual 2017-18 ​PDF (1.6MB)
Lobbyist Pictorial Directory 2017 EditionPDF (26MB)
Member Pictorial Guide 2017 edition PDF (8.8MB)
Roll Call Transcripts-Senate 2017 PDF (1.9MB)
Roll Call Transcripts-House 2017 PDF (3.7MB)
Summary of Legislation (OPR) 2017 PDF (2.1MB)
Telephone Directory and Committee Assignments-- 2017 PDF (1.3MB)​
Weekly Legislative Meeting Schedule-2016 (Discontinued)​See Order Form

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