Legislative Information Center
Classes and Schedule

Contact LIC: (360) 786-7573  |  Legislative Building, Room 110  |  P.O. Box 40500, Olympia, WA 98504-0500

The Legislative Information Center offers free classes to the public and to state agencies on understanding the legislative process and navigating the legislative website.  Most classes are offered at our offices in the Legislative Building in Olympia; but, by request, we occasionally offer classes at off-campus locations.  As a current pilot project, LIC is now offering remote classes via web conferencing. Please contact us at 360-786-7573 or email us at support@leg.wa.gov if you are interested in participating in classes offered remotely.

Classes Offered 

Understanding the Legislative Process (about 1 hr)
This class is an in-depth view of the bi-cameral legislative system, how it evolved and how it works today.  The class includes:

  • A detailed review of how a bill gets introduced and who can introduce it
  • Standing committee proceedings and actions
  • Rules committee proceeding and actions
  • The amendment process
  • Activities in the opposite house
  • Dispute and concurrence resolution
  • The Governor's actions and veto powers

Navigating the Legislative Website (about 1 hr)
This class provides an overview of navigating the Legislature's website, includes information on what's new to the website, and gives direction on how to:

  • Look up RCWs, WACs, Session Laws, Bills, and Procedural Rules
  • Use daily reports
  • Get a list of bills by topic
  • Locate committee hearings, meeting materials, members, and staff
  • Recognize similarities and differences in various web pages
  • Obtain member information
  • Find your district and legislators

Advanced Legislative Website Use (about 1 hr)
This class is an in-depth course on use of the Legislature's advanced features.  It includes how to: 

  • Use Detailed Legislative Reports
  • Set up and use the website's bill tracking system
  • Use the advanced search engines to located bills and laws
  • Find old bills from previous sessions
  • Set up and use the GovDelivery e-mail notification system for hearing times and agendas

Class Schedule

To sign up for a class, call us at 360-786-7573 or email us at support@leg.wa.gov.  We recommend that Navigating the Legislative Website is taken as a precursor to the Advanced Legislative Website Use class.  The classes can be tailored to either introductory or advanced levels of knowledge and experience, and can be custom designed if needed.
​Class Name​Day Offered​Time Offered
​Understanding the Legislative Process​Tuesdays​​1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m.​
​​Navigating the Legislative Website​​Tuesdays​​2:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m.​
Understanding the Legislative ProcessWednesdays​​​9:00 a.m.  10:00 a.m.​
​​Navigating the Legislative Website​Wednesdays​​​10:00 a.m.  11:00 a.m.​
​​​Advanced Legislative Website UseThursdays​​​9:00 a.m.  10:00 a.m.​
​​​Advanced Legislative Website UseThursdays​​1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m.
Other days and times can be scheduled as needed.  Please contact LIC to schedule classes outside the days and times listed above. ​ ​