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Contact LIC: (360) 786-7573  |  Legislative Building, Room 106  |  P.O. Box 40500, Olympia, WA 98504-0500

The Legislative Information Center can provide electronic documents via e-mail or paper copies of any bill, bill report, bill analysis, bill summary, or roll call vote result. The Legislative Information Center provides the most current copies of all legislative documents and rosters as well as many educational, instructional, and historical documents.  This page includes information on the following types of documents:

           ORDER FORMS -- 2016


● Bills, Bill Reports, Bill Histories, Fiscal Notes and Other Bill Materials
● Rosters
● Calendars, Schedules and Agendas
● Educational and Instructional Material
● Maps
● Session Documents
● Historical Documents
●  Statistical Data and Reports
●  Laws (RCWs) & Administrative Rules (WACs)


Note: Documents available from this page are Adobe PDF documents.  You will need the free Adobe Reader software on your computer to view these files.