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The Legislative Information Center provides information of interest on statistics related the Legislature and the Legislative process. Please contact us for more information or to get copies of these reports.

Legislative Sessions, Bill, and Initiative Information​
Number of Bills Introduced, Passed and Vetoed 1977-2017PDF (835KB)
​Bills Passed the 2017 Legislative Sessions (7/24/17) ​PDF (865KB)
​Bills Passed the 2017 3rd Special Session (7/20/17) PDF (223KB)​
​Bills Passed the 2017 2nd Special Session (6/21/17) PDF (172KB)
​Bills Passed the 2017 Regular Session (4/23/17)PDF (822KB)
Bills Passed Opposite House Cutoff (4/12/17)PDF (788KB)
Bills Passed Opposite House Fiscal Committee Cutoff (4/04/17) PDF (1005B)​
Bills Passed Opposite House Policy Committee Cutoff (3/29/17) PDF (​244KB)
​Bills Passed House of Origin Cutoff (3/08/17)PDF (942KB)
​Bills Passed House of Origin Fiscal Committee Cutoff (2/24/17)PDF (817KB)
​​Bills Passed House of Origin Policy Committee Cutoff (2/17/17)PDF (41KB)
​History of Legislative Session Dates 1889-2017PDF (105KB)

​Index to Initiative and Referendum History and Statistics 1914-2016
(Secretary of State's website)

Reports to the Legislature (Agency reports to the Legislature)On-Line

Members and State Historical Information​
​Facts about the Capitol Building PDF (1 MB​)
State Facts (Access Washington website) On-line
Party Splits in the House and Senate 1889-2016PDF (21KB)
Facts about the Members of the LegislaturePDF (8KB)
# of Women in the Washington State LegislaturePDF (13KB)