Legislative Page School
A Message for Teachers

Senate and House pages simulate the job of a state legislator
in a mock committee hearing during page school.

“In all honesty before coming here, I had no interest in government or politics. After this fantastic experience, I can actually see myself doing something here in the capitol. The Page School hearings were definitely my favorite part…..It was such a cool experience sitting in the chairs and speaking into the microphones. I really felt like my vote made a big difference; it seemed as though I was doing something important. I really enjoyed the opportunity of being both the chair and a committee member…and being able to verbalize my opinion…I loved it.”- Asia, 2015

“Another chance I had to understand Washington’s government was writing my own bill. This gave me a behind the scenes look at how much work and thought is put into bills that, as residents, we take for granted.”- Kastine, 2015

Approximately 35 students from all over Washington come to Olympia each week during the legislative session to serve as pages. While here, they are involved in a grand civics lesson. The Page School is designed to provide information that helps the pages make sense of what they observe while they are assisting the members of the Legislature with their important work.

Pages are required to attend the school for two hours each day. The Page School is a joint program of the House and Senate and is located in the Irv Newhouse Building on the capitol campus. Click here to see the syllabus for the Page School.

Our goal is to provide a meaningful learning experience for each page, and we have designed a curriculum that aligns to the state Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) for Civics and Social Studies Skills for grades 8-12. (EALRs for teachers) We encourage the students who serve as pages to return to their communities and share their experiences in Olympia with their classmates and community.  A self-reflection is written by all pages at the end of the week and copies are mailed to their homes and school contacts.

Please call (360) 786-7987 or email: WAPageSchool@leg.wa.gov if you have any questions about our program.