Legislative Page School
Legislative Page School Syllabus

DAILY JOURNAL. Pages keep journals during the week. They are encouraged to think and write about big ideas related to civics, such as “Are laws necessary?” In addition, they may keep notes and observations in their journals.

LEGISLATIVE TERMINOLOGY. Throughout the week, pages learn over 25 new vocabulary words related to the political process. 

SCAVENGER HUNT. Outside of the 2-hour class, students may complete a scavenger hunt that is designed to introduce them to the Capitol Campus, especially the elected officials' offices and the various monuments on the grounds.

COMMITTEE HEARINGS. Each page may observe a legislative committee in action. Law makers may be hearing testimony on a current bill issue from the public or passing bills out of committee as they continue in the political process.

THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS. Through audio-visual presentations, classroom discussions, and a variety of activities, students gain a general overview of the process by which bills become laws.  Using what they have learned, they create their own bills and introduce them in mock committee hearings where decisions are made regarding passing the bills on.

GUEST SPEAKERS. Each student has the opportunity to hear at least one guest speaker during the week. Speakers include legislators, statewide elected officials, lobbyists, Supreme Court justices, agency directors, and interns.

LEGISLATIVE JEOPARDY. As a culminating activity, students test their newly-acquired knowledge of the Legislature in a game of Jeopardy, where groups compete against each other for the coveted honor of “Jeopardy Winner!”