‚Äč2013 Constituent Correspondence

Correspondence is listed in order (newest to oldest) by date received. Click the author's name to open the PDF.

Date Name To Subject
2/3/13 Barb Aboen OSA PERS 4
6/12/13 Jerry Liszak SCPP Actuarial Factors
7/10/13 Randy Plain SCPP Military Service Credit
7/17/13 Rep. Hunt Sen. Conway & SCPP PSERS Membership Portability
7/18/13 Marcie Frost, DRS Sen. Conway & SCPP ESHB 1981 (Retire Rehire) & TRS 3 Annual Member Contribution Rate Election
9/9/13 Warbrouck, RFW Sen. Bailey, Rep. Ormsby, OSA Retiree investment accounts.

All correspondence received by the SCPP becomes part of the meeting materials and, as such, becomes part of the public record of the SCPP.

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