November 20, 2012, Meeting Materials

Meeting materials for the executive and full committee meetings are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated. Larger files may take longer to load. Click on the agenda item to open the file in a new window.

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Full Committee Meeting [122KB]

1. Approval of Minutes [150KB]
2. Adoption of 2013 Meeting Dates [52KB]
    PowerPoint [107KB]
Public Hearing and Possible Executive Session
3. Excess Compensation (SCPP Bill Draft) [232KB]
     PowerPoint [144KB]
4. SCPP Study:  School Employee ERFs [11MB]
     PowerPoint [145KB]
5. SCPP Study: High-Risk Job Classifications [18MB]
     PowerPoint [197KB]
     Handout [39KB]
Work Session
6. Retire-Rehire (DRS Bill Draft) [106KB]
     PowerPoint [132KB]

Executive Committee Meeting [118KB]

Reporting Options Hadnout for SCPP Studies [81KB]
A. SCPP Study: School Employee ERFs
     Please see full agenda item 4 for material.
B. SCPP Study:  High-Risk Job Classifications
     Please see full agenda item 5 for material.
C. Approval of Minutes [150KB]
D. AAG Update
E. Review of Today's Agenda [52KB]
     Handout [89KB]
F. Constituent Correspondence [67KB]
G. December Meeting Agenda [120KB]
H. Discussion/Other Business 

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