Randy Davis, TRS Actives


Randy Davis was appointed to the Select Committee on Pension Policy in November 2006. Mr. Davis became involved in pension issues in order to ensure those affected by pension policy decisions have a voice in the process. A top priority for Mr. Davis while serving on the committee is to make sure that teacher needs in terms of pension issues are heard when policies are formed.

Mr. Davis has been happily married for 39 years and is a father of two daughters. He has taught in Washington for 36 years, all in the Marysville School District. He grew up in Snohomish and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Education. Later, he earned an MA Ed. from City University.

Randy is a proud member of the Washington Education Association and currently serves as President of the Marysville Education Association. He is a career science teacher in Marysville secondary schools and, has been involved in athletics as the head coach of track and field and tennis teams.

Mr. Davis always enjoys hearing from colleagues in the educational world. Please feel free to contact Randy via randy.paul.davis@gmail.com to share concerns or ideas about pension issues.