David Westberg, SERS Actives


David Westberg has been an active working member of Washington State Retirement Systems for 38 years.  He has been a Local Union officer with the Operating Engineers and Legislative Representative since 1984, representing fellow classified employees of public schools. 

Mr. Westberg serves on the committee because of a firmly held belief that pension policy decisions should not be made without actual affected workers as part of those decisions.  Too often, in the past, such decisions have been made without the affected system members having a place in policy formulation.   His firm priority while serving on the committee is to make sure that the needs of rank and file workers serving in public service careers are the first consideration in all public pension policy matters.

Mr. Westberg has served on the Executive Board of the King County Labor Council since 1992 and has been Business Manager of his Local Union (IUOE Local 609, the oldest and largest union of classified school employees in Washington State) since 1997.  In his free time he is an avid reader and a (late entry) lifelong novice golfer.