Select Committee on Pension Policy

​2015 SCPP Interim Recommendations And Work Summary

This page provides a concise summary of the work of the SCPP during the 2015 Interim.   

During session, bill drafts, draft fiscal notes, and executive summaries of the final issue status will be posted as they become available. Draft fiscal notes may not be available for every proposal. Draft documents will be replaced with links to final documents as they become available.

2015 Interim Work History [50KB] 


2016 Fiscal Impact Summary [78KB] 
  Issues Considered With Recommendation


Annuity Purchase

Provide an ongoing actuarial equivalent annuity purchase option for active members of LEOFF 1, and a one-time purchase window for retired members of LEOFF 1 and WSPRS.


Substitute Teacher Retire Rehire (SHB 1737)

Enact SHB 1737, temporarily allowing TRS retirees under the 2008 ERFs to return to work as substitute teachers without a suspension of benefits.


LEOFF 1 Survivor Benefits (ESB 5873)

Enact Engrossed Substitute Bill 5873, creating a new window for LEOFF 1 retirees to designate a spouse for a survivor benefit and providing a two-thirds annuity benefit to certain LEOFF 1 survivors.



PERS Survivor Benefits (HB 1036; HB 2298) 

Enact HB 1036 or HB 2298, both of which provide an optional, post-retirement survivor benefit to eligible spouses in PERS.

  Issues Considered Without Recommendation

Estoppel Rule

State Employees Called Up To Federal Service 

PERS Eligibility For Part-Time Firefighters


PSERS Expansion (SHB 1718)


2015 Contribution Rate Recommendation to the PFC



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