Select Committee on Pension Policy

​2016 SCPP Interim Recommendations And Work Summary

This page provides a concise summary of the work of the SCPP during the 2016 Interim.   

During session, bill drafts, draft fiscal notes, and executive summaries of the final issue status will be posted as they become available. Draft fiscal notes may not be available for every proposal. Draft documents will be replaced with links to final documents as they become available.

2016 Interim Work History 77Kb


2017 Fiscal Impact Summary 69Kb
  Issues Considered With Recommendation

HB 1709/SB 5275

PSERS: Definition of Full Time

Allow employees who have been, or will be moved from PSERS to PERS to stay in, or return to PSERS.

HB 1707/SB 5274


SCPP Study: WSPRS Recruitment and Retention Options

Include voluntary overtime in the average final salary for WSPRS Plan 1 and Plan 2, for future salaries only.

HB 1708/SB 5276

Age-Based Plan Opt Out

Allow new hires in the Public Employees’ Retirement System Plans 2/3, Teachers’ Retirement System Plans 2/3, and School Employees’ Retirement System Plans 2/3 to opt out of the retirement system if they are newly hired at age 60 or older. Also allow local government employees to opt out of the retirement system if they first become eligible for membership at age 60 or older.

  Issues Considered Without Recommendation




LEOFF Merger (2016 Merger Study)



Plans 1 COLA


Plan Membership Default



PSERS: Nursing, Custody, and Safety





2016 Contribution Rate Recommendation to the PFC

Adopt the State Actuary’s calculated rates for 2017-19 Biennium, which include the second step of the three-biennia mortality improvement phase in, and an increased TRS system growth assumption.



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