Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee
Financial Institutions & Insurance Archived Reports and Publications
SCS Summaries of Bills Passed
Bills passed provide summaries of all of the bills that passed the Legislature during a legislative session.​
​ 2017PDF (size 1,231 KB)
​ 2016PDF (size 570 KB)
 2015PDF (size 515 KB)
 2014PDF (size 515 KB)
 2013PDF (size 754 KB)
 2012PDF (size 918 KB)
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SCS Interim Plans

Interim plans describe proposed committee activity during interim between two regular sessions.
 2015PDF (size 326 KB)
 2014PDF (size 324 KB)
 2013PDF (size 273 KB)
 2012PDF (size 268 KB)
 2011PDF (size 528 KB)
 2010PDF (size 302 KB)
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SCS Select Interim Activities
Interim activities describe committee activity during interim between two regular sessions.​
2014PDF (size 238 KB) 
2013PDF (size 211 KB)  
2012PDF (size 394 KB) 
2011PDF (size 215 KB) 
​2010PDF (size 382 KB)  
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