Senate Committee Services

​Senate Remote Testimony Pilot Project

Remote Testimony Overview

During the Sixty-Fifth Legislature, the Washington State Senate is conducting a Remote Testimony Pilot project to expand opportunities for citizens across the state to actively participate in the legislative process from locations outside of Olympia, Washington.  Under the pilot project, the current use of remote testimony from invited participants during legislative work sessions will be expanded to include public testimony.   Through the use of videoconferencing technology, the public will be able to testify remotely on proposed legislation scheduled for public hearing during selected Senate standing committee meetings. Initially, this pilot project will be limited and require the patience and understanding of all Senators and staff, as well as the public.

Remote Testimony Sign Up

Opportunities to register for remote testimony will be listed in the table below.  Registration forms must be submitted 24 hours prior to the committee hearing start time.


​Topic​​Committee​​Date​​Time​Remote ​Location(s)​Testimony Form

Remote Testimony Protocols

Testifiers must be prepared to testify at any point during the hearing.

At all times, testifiers will be required to maintain proper committee protocol, which includes being acknowledged by the committee Chair before speaking and following the rules for testimony established by the committee Chair. Anyone who fails to follow the rules for testimony established by the committee Chair forfeits their opportunity to testify.

Registering to testify at a remote location does not guarantee the opportunity to testify.  For example, technical issues could prevent communication between the remote site and the committee hearing room.  Additionally, bill hearings are often delayed or rescheduled and there is no guarantee the bill will be heard when originally scheduled.  Please check the Senate calendars posted on the Legislature's website for updates on any calendar changes.  For committee changes that occur the day of a committee hearing, please visit the committee's web page, which can be found on the Senate Committee Service's website.

The committee Chair may determine that public testimony be limited due to time constraints.   For example, testifiers may be provided a specific amount of time to speak.  Often, the time allotted is between one and three minutes per bill, or hearing.  For additional information on testifying before a committee of the Washington State Senate, please click here.