Senate Energy, Environment & Technology Committee


422 J.A. Cherberg Bldg., P.O. Box 40466, Olympia, WA 98504-0466
Committee Hearings & Bill Information:  (360) 786-7406
Legislative Hotline Operators: 1-800-562-600

The Senate Energy, Environment, & Technology Committee considers issues relating to the availability, productions and conservation of energy, as well as environmental issues including water and air quality, the State Environmental Policy Act, the Shoreline Management Act, oil spill prevention, recycling and solid waste, hazardous waste, toxics, and climate change.  The committee also deals with the regulation of telecommunications and state technology projects.

(Please note: This general description should not be considered the definitive listing of issues considered by this committee.)

Committee Meeting Documents/Electronic Bill Book (EBB) 

 Copies of draft bills, proposed substitute bills, or striking amendments scheduled for public hearings:

Public Hearing​Proposed SubstitutePSSB 5232
​Allowing incremental electricity produced as a result of efficiency improvements to hydroelectric generation projects whose energy output is marketed by the Bonneville power administration to qualify as an eligible renewable resource under the energy independence act. SB 5232
Public Hearing​Proposed SubstitutePSSB 5624
​Concerning transparency in retail electrical customer billing. SB 5624
Public Hearing​Proposed Substitute

PSSB 5919

​Concerning consumer protection of internet privacy. SB 5919
​Public Hearing​Proposed Substitute​PSSB 6034
​Authorizing limited retail telecommunications services for public utility districts that provide only sewer, water, and telecommunications on the effective date of this act. SB 6034
​Public Hearing​Draft BillS-3422.3
​Ensuring consumers rights to internet transparency.

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