Senate Labor & Commerce Committee

435A J.A. Cherberg Bldg., P.O. Box 40466, Olympia, WA 98504-0466
Committee Hearings & Bill Information:  (360) 786-7426
Legislative Hotline Operators: 1-800-562-6000

The Senate Labor & Commerce Committee considers issues relating to employment standards, industrial insurance, unemployment insurance and collective bargaining.  The committee also considers regulation of business and professions and has oversight of commerce issues relating to alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and gaming.    

(Please note: This general description should not be considered the definitive listing of issues considered by this committee.)

Committee Meeting Documents/Electronic Bill Book (EBB)

Copies of draft bills, proposed substitute bills, or striking amendments scheduled for public hearings:

​Public Hearing​Proposed SubstitutePSSB 5940
​Creating the presumption of occupational disease for certain employees at the United States department of energy Hanford site. SB 5940
Public Hearing​Proposed SubstitutePSSB 5492
​Adding training on public works and prevailing wage requirements to responsible bidder criteria. SB 5492
Public Hearing​Proposed Substitute​PSSB 5140
​Concerning enforcement of the equality pay act and worker communications about wages and employment opportunities. SB 5140
Public Hearing​Proposed SubstitutePSSB 6245
​Concerning spoken language interpreter services. SB 6245
Public Hearing​Proposed SubstitutePSSB 6343
​Establishing the healthy energy workers task foce. SB 6343
Public Hearing​Proposed SubstitutePSSB 6296
​Concerning the deduction of union dues and fees. SB 6296


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