​Public Records Request Information

The Washington State Senate provides records as required by state law (RCW 42.56). However a specific definition of "public records” applies to the legislature under the Public Records Act. RCW's 42.56.010 and 40.14.100 define the scope of that term.

General questions do not require a public records request. You can get answers to general questions about the Washington State Legislature and the legislative process by calling Legislative Information at (360)-786-7573.

You may send your printed request to:

Randi Stratton, Senate Public Records Officer
Washington State Senate
P.O. Box 40482
Olympia, WA 98504-0482

Phone: (360)-786-7373

Many of our Legislative records and information are already made available online:

For information about a specific bill, please visit the Bill Information page of our website.

For Legislative committee information, please visit the Legislative Committees page of our website.