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The Washington State Senate provides access to publishable quality
JPG format portrait files of current Senators.

Each high-resolution JPG is an average file size of 650-850K.
Download time will vary depending on your connect speed and system capabilities.

Click on the member's name below to access high resolution photo
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Angel Bailey Baumgartner Becker Benton
Billig Braun Brown Chase Cleveland
Conway Dammeier Dansel Darneille Eide
Ericksen Fain Fraser Frockt Hargrove
Hasegawa Hatfield Hewitt Hill Hobbs
Honeyford Keiser King Kline
Kohl-Welles Liias Litzow McAuliffe McCoy
Mullet Nelson O'Ban Padden Parlette
Pearson Pedersen Ranker Rivers Roach
Rolfes Schoesler Sheldon Tom Lt Gov. Owen