Energy Supply & Energy Conservation, Joint Committee

The joint committee review plans proposed by the Governor for programs, controls, standards, and priorities for the production, allocation, and consumption of energy during any current or anticipated condition of energy supply alert or energy emergency, and make recommendations back to the Governor for review. The committee either approves or disapproves any request from the Governor regarding a declaration of a condition of energy emergency. Receives information related to the state or regional energy supply situation. Meetings: Meets at the following times: a) at least once per year or at anytime upon the call of the Chair to receive information related to the state or regional energy supply situation; b) during a condition of energy supply alert or emergency; and c) upon the call of the Chair, in response to gubernatorial action to terminate such a condition.

(Please note: This general description should not be considered the definitive listing of issues considered by this committee.)


Meeting Dates and Materials

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