Legislative-Executive WorkFirst Oversight, Task Force

​Task Force Members


​Room ​Phone
Rep. Ruth Kagi 
​308 John L. O'Brien Building​(360) 786 - 7910
​Sen. Jeannie Darneille (D)​237 John A. Cherberg Building​(360) 786 - 7652
Rep. Mark Hargrove (R)​409 John L. O'Brien Building​(360) 786 - 7918
​Sen. Karen Keiser (D)​219 John A. Cherberg Building​(360) 786 - 7664
​Sen. Mark Miloscia (R)​105 Irv Newhouse Building​​(360) 786 - 7658
​Sen. O'Ban (R)​102 Irv Newhouse Building​(360) 786 - 7654
​Sen. Kirk Pearson (R) (Alternate)​115D Irv Newhouse Building​(360) 786 - 7676
Rep. David Sawyer (D)​306 John L. O'Brien Building​(360) 786 - 7906
​Cheryl Strange,
​​Department of Social and Health Services
Heather Moss​Department of Early Learning
​Amy Smith​Employment Security Department
​Diane Klontz​Department of Commerce
​Jan Yoshiwara,
Nancy Dick (Alternate)
​State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
Richard Pannkuk​Office of Financial Management

Task Force Staff

House Staff ​Room Phone
Dawn Eychaner, Research Analyst​JLOB 249(360) 786-7135
Kelci Karl-Robinson, Fiscal Analyst​JLOB 211(360) 786-7116
Dinah LeDuc, Legislative Assistant​JLOB 248A(360) 786-7131
Senate StaffRoom Phone
Brandon Popovac, Sr. Counsel​JAC 441(360) 786-7465
​Eliza Ramsey, Session Committee Assistant​JAC 466A​(360) 786-7414
Executive Branch Staff ​Agency ​Phone
Lori Pfingst, Chief of Programs and Policy​CS Division, DSHS​(360) 725-4639
(260) 716-2389​