Intercity Transit "Dash" Shuttle
Dash It's easy. It's fast.
It's fun. It's free!

Intercity Transit provides a FREE Dash Shuttle that loops around the Campus and then down Capitol Way to the Farmers Market and back.

Dash Shuttle:
The Dash Shuttle runs between the Capitol Campus and the Farmers Market, serving the three parking lots listed below. Buses stop about every two blocks along the route. The service covers both the east and west campuses, and runs every 12 minutes from 6:45 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. weekdays.  It also operates on Saturdays April through December when the Farmers Market is open. However, Saturday service doesn't serve the east capitol campus. Buses operate every 10 minutes 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Map of Dash Shuttle Route Parking Options: 
Metered parking with free Dash shuttle service is available at three locations:

a.  Capitol Campus Visitor Parking at Wheeler Avenue and Jefferson Street . From I-5, take a left on Jefferson and then turn left onto Wheeler Avenue.

b.  Visitor Parking at Maple Park Avenue and Jefferson Street . From I-5, take a left on Jefferson and then a right onto Maple Avenue. The lot is immediately on your right

c.  Farmers Market at the north end of Capitol Way. Look for designated stalls with green striping. This lot is available January through March only.

d. Professional Arts Building, 11th Avenue and Washington Street
The 48-stall lot includes a meter that accepts payment with either a debit or credit card. The cost is 50 cents per hour, the same charge for all other visitor parking on the Capitol Campus. Free Dash shuttle service is also offered at this lot.

Parking is $.50 per hour at all lots. Pay at the meter. For more info check the Intercity Transit website.