​Agendas, Schedules, and Calendars

Committee Meeting Agendas 

Daily, weekly (near and during session), and monthly lists of upcoming meeting agendas.

Committee Meeting Schedules 

Daily and monthly schedules of upcoming committee meetings.

Past Committee Meetings 

Previous committee meetings from the current calendar year, listed by date.


Session Cutoff Calendar
Relates calendar dates to legislative days and notes session deadlines for committees and floor action.
Senate Weekly Meeting Schedules / Floor Schedules
Links to weekly PDF files of the Senate schedule.
Floor Activity Reports
Bills currently being debated on the floor in the House and Senate (updated in real time), bills scheduled for floor debate with links to amendments, histories, bill text, and roll call votes.
House  Senate
Bill Introductions
Lists all introductions in the current calendar year.
House Senate
Capitol Campus Activities and Events
Calendar of Events on the Capitol Campus (goes to Dept. of Enterprise Services website)