Luke Masselink, Senior Actuary

After spending twelve years in consulting I was excited about the opportunity to work in the Office of the State Actuary here in Olympia. During my time here, I’ve enjoyed the different approach this government agency can bring to its clients versus a consulting firm. We exist to provide help to the Legislature and other stakeholders. Gone is the pressure to increase sales. I’ve often been a part of projects where this office has gone above and beyond what was requested by a client in order to provide a more thorough work product of the highest quality. I’ve also been impressed with the teamwork this office employs; each member plays a vital role and takes ownership of their responsibilities.

In addition to the office, I love what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Born in the Midwest and a former resident of New York and Los Angeles, this area is abundant with what I enjoy most about life: lush landscapes, kindhearted people, and manageable traffic.

Michael Harbour, Senior Actuarial Analyst

OSA provides a truly unique opportunity from an actuarial perspective.

I appreciate the freedom public sector actuaries have as part of the assumption-setting process. By comparison, private sector actuaries must adhere to strict rules when performing actuarial analysis. I feel this could inhibit objective creativity that can ultimately lead to more valuable and robust work products.

Additionally, OSA provides independent and unbiased actuarial analysis in a political environment. Understanding the context in which our analysis will be used is a rewarding and challenging aspect of our work. This requires a balance of applying the ASOPs and consulting with the client.

We employ the servant-leader model for management here at OSA. This approach to completing the job ignites the team spirit and I believe, helps us do a better job in a shorter amount of time. I appreciate feeling like I am a trusted and valued part of the team.

Finally, I have a passion for public service. I’m proud to know that my efforts are valued by both general citizens and by my extended family of educators.

Darren Painter, Information Services Manager

Picture of Darren PainterThere are many benefits to working at OSA. As highly professional and motivated individuals, we enjoy a great reputation within the pension community. The office as a whole functions as a very supportive team and we are afforded many opportunities for professional growth.  Policies that support work-life balance such as flexible schedules and telecommuting also make OSA a great place to work every day.

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