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Susan Howson, Director
304 15th Avenue SW
P.O. Box 40466
Olympia, WA 98504-0466
Phone: 360.786.7400
FAX: 360.786.7899

Our Purpose

Senate Committee Services assists Senators in developing and evaluating policy alternatives to achieve their policy objectives.  We achieve our purpose by:

  • ensuring that committee meetings and other legislative processes operate efficiently and effectively, and are accessible to the citizens we serve;
  • providing research, analysis, and options that are relevant, accurate, objective, creative, and timely; and
  • developing clear, understandable legislation that accomplishes intended objectives.

Copies of draft bills, proposed substitute bills, and striking amendments scheduled for public hearings can be found on individual committee web pages as soon as they are available.

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2014 Interim Plans

2014 Bills Passed the Legislature

Summary of Select 2013 Interim Activities

Standing Committees

Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development

Commerce & Labor

Early Learning & K-12 Education

Energy, Environment & Telecommunications

Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance

Governmental Operations

Health Care

Higher Education

Human Services & Corrections

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Ways & Means

Initiative Summaries

Initiative 591 - Relating to protecting gun and other firearm rights

Initiative 594 - Relating to requiring criminal and public safety background checks for gun sales and transfers

Initiative 1351 - Relating to lower class sizes and increasing school staff to provide all students the opportunity for a quality education

Tax Advisory Votes Nos. 8 & 9
No. 8 (SB 6505) - Relating to dealing with the elimination of agricultural tax preferences for various aspects of the marijuana industry

No. 9 (ESHB 1287) - Relating to imposing the leasehold excise tax on certain leasehold interests in tribal property

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The 2015 Regular Legislative Session is Scheduled to begin January 12

2014 Interim Plans

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