Office of the Code Reviser
How to find session law information
  • Go to Bill/Law/Session Law Cross Reference page. Click the tabs for Bill to Session Law, Session Law to Bill, or RCW to Session Law and enter information as needed. For a complete list of 2014 session laws, click on "All cross-reference tables" and then click on "Chapter to bill table."

  • Go to the Search page. In the green "Search Legislative Documents" box, check the box next to "RCW & Dispositions," enter "change in 2014" in the search term box and click Search.

  • Go to the Bills By Topic page and select a topic area. The bills listed in bold text are the ones that have been enacted into law. Follow the links to those bills to see the related bill documents, including session law documents.

  • Go to the historical list of session laws page (1854 - current).