Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee


SCHOOL DISTRICT SURVEY - Survey is now closed

LAW ENFORCEMENT SURVEY - Survey is now closed

Thank you for taking part in the study - we appreciate your input.


The 2019 Washington State Legislature directed staff of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC) to study the school mapping systems used to facilitate responses to schools during incidents or emergencies (Ch. 333, Laws of 2019).

The Social & Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) at Washington State University will administer two surveys for JLARC. One survey will gather information from school districts, and the second will gather information from local law enforcement agencies.

Results from the survey will be included in the full report. Staff will present the report to JLARC on January 8, 2020.


  1. I have questions about the survey. Who should I contact?
    Contact the SESRC at Washington State University through email at or by phone at 1-800-833-0867.

  2. Do I need to complete the online survey and the one that was mailed to me?
    Please complete only one survey. For most people, the online survey will be the easiest and most convenient option. You will need an access code to complete the survey. WSU will send the access code for your organization in a letter and email addressed to the chief, sheriff, or superintendent. Can’t find it? Call 1-800-833-0867 or email

  3. Do I have to respond?
    The survey will be addressed to either the police chief, sheriff, or superintendent. They can either fill it out themselves or have their designated school safety person fill it out.

    Participation is voluntary. However, your responses will help us provide a comprehensive and accurate report to the Legislature.

  4. Do I need to send this to every school in my district?
    No. Please complete one survey per school district.

  5. What is a school mapping system?
    Mapping systems include the state-funded system, called Rapid Responder, as well as alternatives purchased by districts or schools (RCW 36.28A.060).

  6. What are you trying to learn?
    The 5 study questions are designed to capture the questions posed by the Legislature.
    • Which school districts provide information to WASPC’s mapping system?
    • Which school districts use a different mapping system?
    • What information or systems are used for incidents and drills?
    • What are the costs and training needed? Who incurs the costs?
    • What do stakeholders believe are the advantages and disadvantages?