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JLARC staff reviewed 16 tax preferences in 2017, which are organized into 13 reports below.

View a more detailed summary of all the preferences here.

The Citizen Commission for Performance Measurement of Tax Preferences also considers preferences based on information provided by the Department of Revenue. View the 2017 expedited preference report here (PDF).

Click the preference below for details One Page Overview Estimated Biennial Beneficiary Savings Legislative Auditor Recommendation Commissioner Recommendation
Available October 2017
Alternative Fuel Vehicles $14.8 million Review
Automotive Adaptive Equipment For Veterans and Service Members With Disabilities $194,000 Clarify
Coal-Fired Power Plant Preferences $6.1 - 16.6 million; $0; $2.2 million Continue
Cogeneration Facilities and Renewable Resources $0 Terminate
Electric Power Sold in Rural Areas $1.68 million Continue
Electric Vehicle Batteries and Charging Stations $0; $1.8 - $3.4 million; Unknown Clarify
Electricity for Electrolytic Processors $1.3 million Clarify
International Banking Facilities $208,000 Review and Clarify
Manufactured Home Communities $105,000 Continue
Standard Financial Information $3.1 million Clarify
State-Chartered Credit Unions $47.9 million Clarify
Vessel Deconstruction $246,000 Review and Clarify
Wood Biomass Fuel Manufacturing $0 Terminate