Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee
Who we are

JLARC is a legislative committee. We work to improve state government. We have an equal number of members from the House and Senate, evenly split between the parties.

Nonpartisan staff do research, complete audits, and present findings to the committee. The Legislative Auditor oversees the work.

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Guide to JLARC (PDF)

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Ch. 44.28 RCW


What we do

Performance audits: Evaluate if a program works as intended, meets goals, and operates efficiently.

Guide to performance audits (PDF)

Tax preference reviews: Assess tax exemptions, credits, deductions, preferential rates, deferrals, and exclusions based on specific criteria in law.

Guide to tax preferences (PDF)

Sunset reviews: Assess a program or agency based on specific criteria in law and recommend continuation, change, or termination.

Guide to sunset reviews (PDF)



From the Legislative Auditor

Legislative Auditor Recommendations

2023 Peer Review Results

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Legislators and staff

Legislator's guide to JLARC (PDF)

Guidance for drafting tax preference performance statements (PDF)


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