Participating in the Process

You are a vital part of the legislative process. The legislative web site offers ways to contact a legislator and even participate in committee hearing activity. See below for information about the different options. ​

​Communicating with a Legislato​r​

Send an Ema​il​​
You can send an email message to your elected official by clicking their name hyperlin​k​.

Send a Message about a Bill​​​​​
After searching for a bill, click the "Comment on a Bill" button on the Bill Summary Page to send a message to your elected official and share your opinion. You can request a response to your message if you wish.

​ ​
​​​Participating in ​a Committee Hearing
Testifying in a Committee Hearing
Duri​ng the Legislative Session, you can register to testify in a​ virtual committee hearing either in person or remotely through Zoom in a similar manner as you would on campus. If you frequently testify on bills, you may find it useful to create a Legislative Account.​​ An account allows you to autofill sign-in information and view and edit your sign-in history.

Submitting Written Testimony to a Committee
If you do not wish to testify in a committee ​hearing, you can still submit written testimony on a bill for the archived legislative record​.

Get Your Position on a Bill Noted for Legislative Record
If you wish, you could choose to have your position noted. The Committee Sign In - Remote Testimony​ page also allows you to select a chamber, committee, and bill, then indicate you wish to have your position noted for the archived legislative record​​.


Need help to figure out where to start? You can also contact the Legislative Hotline at 1.800.562.6000.