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Public Records Reporting System | Reporting Instructions


Do I have to report?

RCW 40.14.026 requires agencies with public records costs that exceed $100,000 to report to the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC) on a variety of performance metrics including information on cost, staff time, and response time. JLARC has developed an online reporting tool to collect the performance metrics data.

You can still report if your agency does not spend over $100,000 on public records costs.

If your agency does not wish to report, JLARC encourages every agency to log into the reporting system and tell us that your agency did not meet the $100,000 reporting threshold.

Further guidance on the performance metrics can be found in the agency guidance document.


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Recent Updates

October​ 2021

The 2020 public records data reported by agencies through JLARC’s Public Records Data Collection System is now available. JLARC staff compiled and formatted data submitted by agencies for the 2020 reporting period. Please note that the statutory deadline for reporting has passed and no further changes can be made to the data.​​

JLARC staff are currently preparing a formal report of the public records data. This report will include information about the data collection process and will highlight statewide data. This report will be released to the Legislature and public in January 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Elliott at or 360-786-5286.