House of Representatives History


In 2023, the legislative session will return to an in-person format. Legislative buildings are open and capacity in legislative hearing rooms adjusted. Remote participation opportunities will continue. Please go to the House Operations and Senate Operations plans for more details. To view legislative proceedings click here for TVW. Please click here​ for more information about testifying in a committee, submitting written testimony, getting your position noted for the legislative record, and contacting your legislator.​
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Class Photos
Links to photos of House of Representatives classes from territorial government to the present. 

The daily journal is a published record of the proceedings of the House of Representatives produced at the close of each floor session. The Journal includes a record of all motions, amendments, and Representatives' votes. It does not include verbatim discussion or debate.

Facts & Bill Data
Charts and graphs detailing information about past political divisions of the House of Representatives, bill introductions, bills passed, and vetoes.
    Recent bill information
    Historical documents