Civic Education



​Civic Education Day is an annual celebration of the many teachers, public servants, and organizations working to cultivate engaged citizens in Washington State. 

Are you a civic educator working in a school or non-partisan community organization?  Do you know a teacher whose work has had a positive impact on your community?  Tell us about it!  We will feature these stories of Washington State Civic Educators online and throughout Civic Education Day. Read about other Civic Educators here!

YMCA Youth & Government

League of Women Voters of Washington​

​State Capitol Visitor Services

Project Citizen/We The People


Administrative Office of the Courts

Legislative Page, Intern, and Scholar Programs

Washington State Historical Society

Ralph Munro Institute for Civic Education

Washington State 4-H Know Your Government

​Legislative Information Center

​Office of the Secretary of State

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

Washington Campus Compact