Civic Education

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Civic Education Events and Resources for Teachers

Lesson Plans & Legislative Simulations

Our interactive simulations and lesson plans about the legislative process and civic participation are available for classroom and group use.  Check back often for updates!

How Bills Become Law - The Basics

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Legislative Scholar Program - Annual July Workshop

The Legislative Scholar Program is a five-day teacher training workshop held each summer in Olympia. Designed for social studies teachers of any grade level, the program offers teachers an inside view of the legislative process along with opportunities to meet with state policymakers and explore civics resources for their classrooms.

Invite a Legislator to Your Classroom

The Back to School Program connects students and teachers with their state legislature by bringing the Legislature to the classroom. Contact your legislators to schedule a virtual classroom visit!

Virtual Field Trip to the Capitol

The Legislative Building is currently close to visitors due to COVID-19. Instead, bring the Capitol to your classroom with a ​Virtual Tour!


Civic Education Day

Civic Education Day recognizes civic education organizations and exceptional civic educators from around the state. This annual event allows civic educators and civic education organizations to connect, share resources, and learn from one another. 

Opportunities for Students       

Photo of Pages carrying the United States flag  

Legislative Page Program

Students between the ages of 14 and 16 can serve for one week as pages for a legislator from their home district. Visit the House and Senate Page Program webpages to apply to be a page and read about the educational opportunities for pages at Legislative Page School.

Legislative Youth Advisory Council                   

LYAC members are high school students who represent the interests of Washington State's young people to the Legislature through outreach and legislation tracking. To learn more, visit the LYAC website.


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