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2000 RCW Archive
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This is an archived version of the 2000 Revised Code of Washington
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The PDF files below contain copies of the RCW as they existed when they were published in 2000. 

Note: Each file below is in PDF with the size noted after the link to the file.  Files could require a lengthy download dependent on the speed of your Internet connection.

Volume 1a: Titles 1 through 16 (28.1 MB)

Volume 1b: Titles 17 through 28A.180.060 (25.4 MB)

Volume 2a: Titles 28A.180.080 through 35 (24.9 MB)

Volume 2b: Titles 35A through 43.21C.300 (25 MB)

Volume 3a: Titles 43.21C.300 through 47 (24.5 MB)

Volume 3b: Titles 48 through 63.10.020 (25.8 MB)

Volume 4a: Titles 63.10.020 through 76 (27 MB)

Volume 4b: Titles 77 through 91 (31.6 MB)