Help with the Revised Code of Washington

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is the compilation of all permanent laws now in force. It is a collection of Session Laws (enacted by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, or enacted via the initiative process), arranged by topic, with amendments added and repealed laws removed. The RCW is published by the Code Reviser's Office and Statute Law Committee and is the official version of the code.

An RCW section includes the citation (number), caption, RCW text, history, and notes (not all sections have notes). An RCW title digest includes the title number, the title name, and the list of chapters in that title. An RCW chapter digest includes the chapter number, the chapter name, and the list of sections in that chapter. The RCW is updated once a year with the changes from that year's session; an updated version is generally available by October 1.

LEGInfo provides access to the RCW by Title (table of contents) and by text search, and provides help with searches.

NOTE: The Search feature works best with Netscape or Internet Explorer, version 4.0 or higher. In addition, the Search feature sends a cookie. The cookie is a simple text file that stays on the Legislature's server and does not collect or save any information about the customer. It is used to identify the machine to which to return results.

Reference Tables

On the Bill/Law Cross Reference page, LEGInfo also provides access to RCW-related reference tables.

  • RCW to Bill Table
  • Bill to RCW Table
  • RCW Sections Affected Table

Those tables contain abbreviations for the effect the legislation has on a specific section:

  • ADD: Add section or chapter
  • AMD: Amend section
  • DECD: Decodify section
  • RECD: Recodify section
  • REEN: Reenact section
  • REMD: Reenact and amend section
  • REP: Repeal section

The vast majority of sections are added, amended, or repealed.