User Support Policy

Three types of support are available on the LEGInfo pages.

  • Help pages are available throughout the site to provide assistance in the context of the page you are viewing.
  • The main Help page provides overviews of the site and the legislative process, and it provides a Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • You can send more specific questions about the site and legislative information to Staff from the Legislative Information Center respond to the e-mail, generally the same business day.

Other sources for you to consider if you need information by or about the Legislature:

  • The Legislative Information Center will help you locate legislative documents, including bills from previous sessions. The LEGInfo site provides bill information from 1997 to date. You may reach LIC at 360.786.7573 or 800.562.6000.
  • The Legislative Hotline. To leave a message for a member, call 800.562.6000.
  • The Code Reviser's Office. If you have a specific question about the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) or Washington Administrative Code (WAC) that cannot be answered on the LEGInfo site, contact them at 360.786.6777.
  • Members' home pages. If you wish to contact a member via e-mail, go to the member's home page and click the e-mail link. (The Support account does not forward e-mail to members.)