Capitol Furnishings
About CFP Committee

The Capitol Furnishings Preservation Committee was formed in 1999 by statute “to promote and encourage the recovery and preservation of the original and historic furnishings of the state capitol group” as envisioned by architects Wilder and White. The Capitol Group includes the Legislative Building, Insurance Building, Temple of Justice, John A. Cherberg Building, John L. O'Brien Building and Irving Newhouse Building.

The Committee is charged with raising awareness to help prevent future loss of historic furnishings, funding the restoration of certain furnishings and reviewing and advising future remodeling and restoration projects as they pertain to historic furnishings. The Committee coordinates its work with commissions, committees and tenant groups of the Capitol Group regarding the creation of a preservation plan for the furniture, fixtures, and artwork of the Capitol buildings. While the Committee's authority does not extend to the placement of historic furnishings, Committee members conduct research and make available information on original Wilder and White designs. The committee has also published a book about the state capitol group of buildings and it's furnishings titled Exploring Washington's Majestic State Capitol.

The Committee helps identify and actively searches for lost furnishings. The Committee helps fund restoration and preservation of furnishings employing best practices adopted by conservationists.

The Committee provides educational information about the original and historic furnishings to Capitol Group tenants and visitors.

The Committee engages in fundraising and can accept charitable gifts, grants and donations to help with the recovery and restoration of historic furnishings.

Capitol Furnishings Preservation Committee (CFPC) Membership, January 2020

Paul Francis, Citizen Member, Chair
Micah Sanders, Vice-Chair, Office of the Governor
Breann O’Leary, State Senate designee, Secretary
Lissa Kramer, State Historical Society, Treasurer
Gordon Baxter, Citizen Member
Mark Johnson, Citizen Member
Steve Lindstrom, Citizen Member
Al Ralston, Citizen Member
Cynthia Upthegrove, Citizen Member
Justice Charles Wiggins, State Supreme Court
Rep. Beth Doglio, House Democratic Caucus
Rep. Skyler Rude, House Republican Caucus
Sen. Jim Honeyford, Senate Republican Caucus
Sen. Karen Keiser, Senate Democratic Caucus
Bernard C. Dean, Chief Clerk of the House
Brad Hendrickson, Secretary of the Senate
Micah Sanders, Office of the Governor
Hana Fouladi, Office of the Lt. Governor
Stephanie Horn, Office of the Secretary of State
Joanna Guzman, Office of the State Treasurer
Scott Nelson, Office of the State Auditor
Steve Carlsberg, Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Cara L. McClarty, Department of Enterprise Services