Legislative History

The Legislature supports the interest in and active collection of the history of the State Senate and House of Representatives. The linked histories are unofficial and are intended to assist professional and amateur historians alike to identify and preserve the stories, customs and traditions of the state legislature.

The publications are the recollections and perspectives of participating organizations and individuals and are not intended as a substitute for an official record of the legislative branch of state government. While every effort is made to keep information accurate and up-to-date, the Legislature is not responsible for the accuracy of this information and welcomes clarifications and corrections.

History of the Legislature

History of the ​Legislature ​1854-1963 - PDF

History of the Legislature 1965-1982 - PDF

by Don Brazier

2019 Members of the Legislature

Members of the Washington State Legislature - PDF
By district from 1889 through 2023

Washington Political Pioneers

Political Pioneers, The Women Lawmakers - PDF 
a study of women in the Washington State Legislature, Oct. 1983


Cutoff Calendars
At the beginning of each session, a cutoff calendar for consideration of legislation is adopted by both houses in a concurrent resolution. These cut-off dates determine committee scheduling, floor time and member and staff workloads, including specified action such as bill introduction, committee action, or passage of bills by either house.

Telephone & Pictorial Directories
A look at some of the member telephone & pictorial directories throughout the history of the Legislature.  

Additional Historical Publications
A complete list of historical publications (Legislative Manuals, Journals, Roll Calls, etc.) inclusive of the originating year.

Facts & Bill Data
Charts and graphs detailing information about past political divisions of the legislature, bill introductions, bills passed, and vetoes.

History of Redistricting and Reapportionment
Appointed by the Legislature and made up of four voting members and a nonvoting chairman, this bipartisan agency is established for the purpose of redrawing legislative and congressional district boundaries every 10 years.

Washington State Legislative History Chart Book
A Selected Graphical and Tabular History of Washington State Legislature (2018 Update)

Oral History Program
Read the Secretary of State's collection of oral histories and view other documents listed by historical era.

Legislative Buildings and Grounds
Information abounds regarding the structures and grounds that make up the capitol campus. Please follow the links to areas of interest, and check back often to see additional updates.

Building History

-- Take a virtual tour of the beautiful and historic Capitol Building

-- The Washington State Archives presents a collection of photographs showing its construction and early history.

Capitol Furnishings Preservation Committee -- A group whose mission it is to promote and encourage the recovery and preservation of original and historic furnishings of the capitol group for the enjoyment of future generations.

Capitol Campus Memorials -- A map of the campus highlighting the various exterior art pieces and memorials. The history and significance is detailed on the web site.

Veterans Memorials -- A guide to the veterans memorials located on the capitol campus in Olympia Washington.