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Interim Plans: Interim plans describe proposed committee activity during interim between two regular sessions.

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Final Summary of Legislation:  Summaries of all the bills that passed the Legislature during a legislative session.

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Public school property tax proposal (Bill Draft)
Background and Summary- Representative Hunter's School Levy Proposal

Session 2008 - House Bill 3381

  • Proposed Substitute House Bill 3381
  • Bill Analysis for PSHB 3381
  • Summary Table for PSHB 3381
  • Surplus Property Investment Strategies and Options This report presents investment options for surplus property at the five state residential habilitation centers for the developmentally disabled. (The report was prepared by a contracted real estate investment consultant pursuant to Chapter 25, Laws of 2003 and ESSB 5404).

    Medical Assistance Cost Containment Studies (by Lewin & Associates)

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