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Interim Plans: Interim plans describe proposed committee activity during interim between two regular sessions.

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Final Summary of Legislation:  Summaries of all the bills that passed the Legislature during a legislative session.

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Briefing Papers & Other Reports:

Public school property tax proposal (Bill Draft)
Background and Summary- Representative Hunter's School Levy Proposal

Session 2008 - House Bill 3381

  • Proposed Substitute House Bill 3381
  • Bill Analysis for PSHB 3381
  • Summary Table for PSHB 3381
  • Legislation and Funding Related to Salmon Recovery Efforts (330 KB)
    Legislation and Funding Related to Water Availability and Quality (240 KB)

    Surplus Property Investment Strategies and Options This report presents investment options for surplus property at the five state residential habilitation centers for the developmentally disabled. (The report was prepared by a contracted real estate investment consultant pursuant to Chapter 25, Laws of 2003 and ESSB 5404).

    Medical Assistance Cost Containment Studies (by Lewin & Associates)

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