House Innovation, Community & Economic Development, & Veterans Committee


In 2023, the legislative session will return to an in-person format. Legislative buildings are open and capacity in legislative hearing rooms adjusted. Remote participation opportunities will continue. Please go to the House Operations and Senate Operations plans for more details. To view legislative proceedings click here for TVW. Please click here​ for more information about testifying in a committee, submitting written testimony, getting your position noted for the legislative record, and contacting your legislator.​

​John L. O'Brien, P.O. Box 40600, Olympia, WA 98504-0600
Committee Hearings & Bill Information: (360) 786-7141​
Legislative Hotline Operators: 1-800-562-6000​

The House Innovation, Community & Economic Development, & Veterans Committee considers issues relating to community development; community investment programs; underrepresented communities; and veterans’ and military affairs. The committee also considers issues relating to life sciences, aerospace, and other technology innovation industries and businesses, economic development, and economic resiliency, including small business assistance; minority and women’s business enterprises, business financing; international trade; tour​ism; rural economic development, parks, and outdoor recreation; telecommunications and broadband; as well as emergency preparedness, response, and resiliency.

(Please note: This is a general description of issue areas considered by committees; not a definitive or exhaustive listing. It is provided solely to assist the public in understanding the general roles of House committees.)

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