The Office of Program Research (OPR) provides information necessary to assist House members and committees in making informed judgments about policy issues facing the State. (NOTE: Reports Require Adobe (TM) reader.)

Legislative Summary Reports

Summaries of all of the bills that passed the Legislature during a legislative session. Reports include prime sponsors, brief summaries of each measure, brief explanations of partial vetoes, and the final status of each measure. Budget summaries are also provided through the 2014 report.  For budget summaries please see Legislative Budget Notes.

Standing Committee Interim Plans

Committee Interim Project Descriptions. Includes preliminary meeting schedule, project titles, descriptions, Bill/Resolution reference, Committee/Staff, Completion Date, and Other References for each project.

Ballot Measure Summaries


Ballot Measure Summaries Archive


Graduate Internship - internship opportunity for a Legal and Public Affairs Graduate Intern.

Job Announcements

OPR Administration

OPR Staff Phone List